High School Summer Credit Recovery

Click on this link to register for Summer Credit Recovery.

If you have any questions or need help registering, please call the office at the school at 509-246-1201.

We look forward to supporting your student this summer.


Soap Lake High School 

Credit Recovery Summer Program 2022


DATES: Monday, June 27, 2022 –  Thursday, July 28, 2022 

TIMES: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

BREAK: Phone break 9:45 - 10:00 AM

MEALS: Breakfast served at 7:45 AM. Lunch served at 11:40 AM

CREDIT RECOVERY: Provided at Soap Lake High School for credit recovery ONLY. Students must attend until coursework is completed.


  • PHONES: Student cell phone use will not be permitted during summer school class time.
  • Silence cell phones and remove earbuds/headphones before entering.
  • Only electronic equipment issued by the school will be allowed.
  • You must do your own work and refrain from behaviors that could be misunderstood as cheating or academic dishonesty.
  • Enter the classroom quietly to limit disruptions.
  • Respect the privacy of other students.
  • Be patient when waiting for teacher assistance.
  • All Soap Lake High School rules and regulations, including dress code, will apply during summer school. Any student in violation of the dress code will be sent home. Every student will receive a copy of the Student/Parent Handbook. VIOLATIONS OF RULES WHICH REQUIRE SUSPENSION DURING THE REGULAR SCHOOL YEAR WILL BE GROUNDS FOR SUMMER SCHOOL DISMISSAL AND MAY CONTINUE INTO THE 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR.
  • PICK UP POLICY: All students must be picked up no later than 12:15 p.m.

APEX Learning

Soap Lake High School students will use APEX during the Summer School Credit Recovery Program. There are a number of key factors that help students succeed with APEX, one of which is having adult support.  


How is APEX Learning used at Soap Lake High School?

APEX courses are primarily used for credit recovery in the Soap Lake High School. Students participating in the SLHS Credit Recovery Program are supported by a licensed teacher who helps guide students through their APEX courses by providing direct instruction, feedback on labs and activities, and by unlocking quizzes and tests. 


  • Credit Recovery/Summer School courses are graded as Pass/Fail.  To earn a passing grade, students must complete all of the required coursework activities at a 60% standard or better.
  • Whenever possible and appropriate, students are assigned PRESCRIPTIVE courses, which are courses that allow students to test out of content that the student has previously learned.  Please note, however, that not all courses in APEX have a prescriptive option.   
  • Students are highly encouraged to work on APEX outside of APEX lab time. Students may complete lessons, study guides, practice assignments, written work, practices and quizzes at home.
  • Note: All tests (pre-tests, unit tests and other tests) must be proctored by the student’s teacher in the building during class time.
  • Note: if a quiz becomes locked the student will need to submit a completed study guide to his/her teacher to be unlocked.  Quizzes become locked after 2 attempts below 60%.
  • Students may use notes, study guides, practice problems, etc. on the quizzes and tests, except for Pre-Tests.

Students are expected to maintain academic integrity.  Students can use APEX tools and personal notes on assignments and quizzes.  Students are not permitted to use the internet to seek and find answers to quizzes, tests, and other assessments and activities.

Staying up to Date on Progress

Parents will automatically receive a weekly email every Sunday that provides an overview of how their student is doing in their APEX Learning courses. Parents will need to inform the school district of their personal email in order to access this feature. This information can be used to keep an eye on student performance and as a conversation starter if they appear to be struggling.  If you would like to verify your email address or opt out of receiving a weekly APEX progress email please email Michalla Knutson at [email protected]

Here are a few pointers for understanding the Weekly Progress email.

Stoplight: Is my student falling behind in their work? This color represents the On Schedule Percent, the number of graded activities a student has completed due through today divided by the total number of activities due through today.  

  • Green: 80% or more 
  • Yellow: 60% to 79%  
  • Red: 59% or less 

Quality of Work: Is my student on track to pass the course? This is the points the student has earned on completed activities divided by the points possible for completed activities.
Grade to Date: What is my student’s grade right now? This is the points the student has earned on activities due divided by the points possible on activities due.
Midterm and Final: Grades that have been entered by the teacher.
Last Access: The date your student has last accessed their course.
Detail Report: Select the Detail Report link next to the student's name for detailed information about how your student is spending their time in their course.