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About Smokiam

Welcome to Smokiam Alternative High School! Acceptance into this program gives you an alternative to regular high school.  For some it is the opportunity to attend school for the first time, for others it is the opportunity to catch up and return to regular high school, for others it enables you to work or care for young children while still obtaining a high school diploma.
Smokiam Alternative High School serves grades nine through twelve.  A mural of the area's ancient Woolly Mammoth adorns the side of the facility.
Smokiam Alternative High School is designed to provide alternative options to high school students wishing to receive a high school diploma. Smokiam Alternative High School promotes, supports and explores efforts with students, their families and the community to achieve educational standards set forth by the State of Washington and the Soap Lake Board of Directors. The staff and school district is committed to working with each student; β€œTo provide students with the opportunity to become responsible citizens, to contribute to their own economic well being and to that of their families and communities, and to enjoy productive and satisfying lives.” By promoting a positive impact on student learning, self improvement and health, Smokiam strives to meet the needs of students and their families in a comprehensive school and community partnership. We believe that all students have unlimited potential; are valued and unique individuals whose developmental needs must be met and empowered in diverse opportunities for safe and supported learning. In addition, academic achievement, leadership, interpersonal skills, teamwork, self confidence and community service are promoted for all students.